How we make money for you

To demonstrate the viability of our concept, Rockport Homes has started construction in Valle Grande, a major development in Santiago, Chile. Existing construction capacity is not sufficient to reduce Chile’s current housing deficit of approximately 750,000 units. This pent up demand represents an excellent and uncontested market opportunity for Rockport. More

About Rockport

The Company

Canadian Rockport Homes Int'l, Inc. owns a proprietary, patented and proven modular concrete construction technology. Using this innovative technology, Rockport manufactures and erects attractive, low cost, mass produced, quality modular housing for the global market.

Our Corporate Vision

We believe that a successful and innovative company can access the enormous potential of the global economy, offer generous returns to its shareholders, and still remain true to a vision of corporate responsibility. Our vision includes:

  • Respecting the cultural sovereignty of the countries we operate in
  • Demonstrating values of social justice
  • Placing environmental responsibility at the forefront of our practices
  • Engaging in fair labor practices
  • Promoting social equity

Our Philosophy

Answer the Challenge of Global Housing

There is enormous global demand for affordable housing. The market is huge and growing daily. Developers (whether governmental or private) in many developing countries are desperate to produce housing for their growing populations. Rockport is proud to provide a workable solution.

Bring a First-Rate Product to a Welcome Market

To properly serve the needs of this huge global market we have made it our mandate to deliver a product that meets the needs of developing countries at a price they can afford. Our homes must be durable and long-lasting. They must not be vulnerable to constantly changing market trends or new technology. Rockport's revolutionary building technology places it in the forefront of manufactured housing, a technology unrivalled by its competitors.

Build Homes that are Good for People and Our Planet

Our homes are designed so that their production leaves a soft footprint. Forests need not be harvested, water resources need not be compromised, precious metals need not be extracted, wildlife need not be threatened, nor the earth and its atmosphere polluted.

Serve the Needs of Local Populations

As a responsible corporate citizen that respects the aspirations of the countries in which it locates, Rockport will hire local workers, pay fair wages, provide healthy and safe working conditions, encourage training and advancement, and observe ethical labor practices.

Balance Profits and Principles

Canadian Rockport Homes International Inc. has the potential to be an enormously successful and profitable company. It has the markets. It has an innovative product to revolutionize an industry and address a need of crisis proportions. Equally as important, however, it has a vision grounded in corporate and social ethics, a vision which holds that profit and social responsibility are not mutually exclusive. More