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General Information

Canadian Rockport Homes owns patents for this
technology and to our knowledge, is the only
company in the world using it.

Key features of the Uni-Crete™ Cell Process:


  • Modules are extracted from steel mould in one piece
  • Walls are less than 2 inches thick for light weight and reduced cost-  without sacrificing strength or structural integrity
  • Concrete ceiling & floor joists cast in place for additional strength
  • Openings for windows, doors, and electrical outlets are cast in place
  • Interior surfaces are drywall smooth: ready for paint or tile application. No sub-floors required.
  • Finishing processes are completed using assembly line techniques: painting, insulating, exterior stucco, installation of doors, windows, interior partition walls, plumbing and electrical lines, light fixtures, toilets, sinks, cupboards, stairs, etc.
  • Each mould is capable of producing one module per day. Total cycle time to build a house is 7-9 days
  • Result: with 300 days of production, a 48-mould plant can produce approximately 3,600 single family dwellings per year (68 m² homes requiring 4 modules each)
  • Superior quality control and cost efficiency due to assembly line production techniques (similar to automobile manufacturing line)
  • Controlled factory environment, materials and workers are protected from the elements
  • Reduced interior finishing costs, concrete smooth enough for paint, tile or carpet application; sub floors not required
  • Significant savings versus traditional concrete/masonry construction requires less concrete than other concrete structures
  • Use of an assembly line makes the construction process purely mechanical and eliminates the need for skilled trades people and labour. More