Great Company

Five great reasons for Canadian Rockport Homes success:

  1. This is an exclusive, patented technology. The Tekcrete™ Home , created with the Uni-Crete™ Cell Process, is one of the most important developments in home building technology in decades. The Uni-Crete™ Cell Process brings the precision and cost-saving efficiency of the production line to home building. The Tekcrete™ Home is affordable, attractive and durable—just what the world is looking for.
  2. A limitless market. According to Habitat for Humanity global housing production cannot keep up with demand. The shortfall runs in to the tens of millions annually.
  3. A green company. Environmentally friendly technology. One of the major causes of global deforestation is timber cut for home building. The Tekcrete™ Home uses no wood. And, thanks to superior insulation properties, the Tekcrete™ Home uses less energy to heat and cool.
  4. An ethical company. The global housing shortage is one of the great humanitarian challenges of our time. The Uni-Crete™ Cell Process is the most promising solution to this problem.
  5. No known competition. We have been unable to identify a housing construction or modular manufacturing company anywhere in the world that can meet the price with the quality of the Tekcrete™ Home . Most construction companies are reluctant to build “affordable” housing because margins are slim in this market sector. Thanks to superior technology, Rockport is able to make building low-cost housing profitable.

Canadian Rockport Homes

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