The Tekcrete Home

The Tekcrete™ Home is attractive, affordable, durable, and environmentally friendly. Click on a link to learn more about specific benefits.

Although Canadian Rockport Homes is not in the business of selling individual homes, we invite those interested in investing to contact us about current investment opportunities. 

An Attractive Home

A home to be proud of

Pride in one’s home is a universal human drive. That’s why we built the Tekcrete™ Home to be more than just a durable low-cost shelter. The Tekcrete™ Home is manufactured to not look manufactured. From bungalows to two-storey homes, to town houses, to apartments—the Tekcrete™ Home can be sized and configured to fit the specific needs of homeowners, all over the world. Exteriors and interiors can be finished in virtually any color.

A home for generations

In many parts of the world a home isn’t worthy of the name (or the expense) unless it will last for generations. That rules out houses made from wood. Happily, because it is made from reinforced concrete, the Tekcrete™ Home may be one the longest lasting homes ever built.

Built–in features

When a Tekcrete™ Home leaves one of our factories it is 95% finished. Features include: 

  • Finished Exterior
  • Concrete roof complete with shingles or other roofing panels
  • Wiring and light fixtures
  • Plumbing
  • Toilets, showers and sinks
  • Finished floor
  • Insulated walls & roofs
  • Thermo-windows
  • Doors
  • Finished walls
  • Ceramics
  • Complete finished kitchens

An Affordable Home  

Conventional home building relies on highly skilled labor (often in short supply) and scarce materials. That means prices are high. Built with our patented Uni-Crete™ Cell Process, the Tekcrete™ Home solves this problem.

  • Economies of scale reduce the cost of purchased material
  • Labor costs significantly reduced with rapid construction methods
  • Simpler logistics
  • Standardized design & materials
  • Ability to better coordinate production by using assembly-line techniques
  • Application of computer age quality control, scheduling, & production control systems
  • Factory is secure, meaning less theft and better quality control
  • Work is conducted in controlled environment; on a concrete factory floor under a roof
  • Safer for workers
  • Improved and consistent worker productivity
  • No weather delays 
  • Enables 24-hour  production

A Durable Home

The Tekcrete™ Home is made from reinforced concrete--one of the strongest building materials available.

  • Exceptionally durable and long-lasting; far outlasts comparable structures fabricated from wood, plastics, etc.
  • Concrete is the construction material of choice for home buyers in most of Rockport's target market countries
  • Energy efficient and practically maintenance free in any climate
  • Fire Resistant
  • No structural wood rot. No squeaky floors, or stairs.
  • Water, sound, and seismic resistant
  • Structures resist hurricane force winds (up to 300 km/h) – the roof is also made from reinforced concrete
  • Resistant to damage by fungus and insects
  • The Tekcrete™ Home meets or exceeds all Canadian and U.S. construction standards.

An Environmentally Friendly Home

Concrete homes are the homes of the future. During these times of vanishing resources, it is important to choose building materials wisely. Concrete draws upon some of the earth's most common and abundant minerals for its raw materials.

  • No trees are harvested to build a Tekcrete™ Home. Housing that reduces the need to cut down trees will become increasingly popular. In many countries, forests have disappeared making concrete homes the only viable alternative.
  • Concrete is practically inert and requires no volatile organic-based preservatives like wood does; that means a healthier and safer home environment.
  • Tekcrete™ homes require little maintenance.
  • Tekcrete™ Homes are composed of solid, one piece, five-sided concrete modules, making them very energy efficient. With insulated exterior walls, and roofs, our homes offer engineered circulation so they require less energy to heat and cool.
  • Solid sealed concrete means less indoor dust, noise, allergens and air pollution.
  • The Tekcrete™ Home shows Rockport’s commitment to the environment and to improving the way we live and raise our families. We are proud of the fact that many of Rockport’s “angel investors” include well known and renowned environmentalists who have voiced their support for our technology.