The opportunity

The world-wide demand for housing far outpaces supply. The main roadblock to increased production is that there have been few significant advances in traditional home building technology in decades. Traditional homebuilding requires materials (wood, stone, bricks) and specialized labour that are in very short supply in most of the world.

A home building solution that solves this problem will face a virtually unlimited market. Canadian Rockport Homes has the solution: The Tekcrete™ Home , an attractive, durable and affordable concrete home that is created using our exclusive Uni-Crete™ Cell Process.

Investment Climate: Business Friendly

Foreign investment is welcomed in Chile. A hospitable regulatory environment has allowed Chile to attract a great deal of long-term foreign investments. Much of Chile’s economic success is attributed to 1970's and 1980's policy reforms that created a dynamic, export-driven private sector.

The result is an open economy with few regulations and government subsidies outside of housing. The country has approximately 40 banks; 75% are foreign-owned, and are active in trade and project financing, including the Scotia Bank (which has acquired 100% of Banco Sud Americano).

Chile is a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the Asia-Pacific Economic Corporation (APEC). It has signed free trade agreements with Canada, Mexico, Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and recently China. Among these, only the free trade agreement with Mexico is as comprehensive as the Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement (CCFTA), which incorporates investments and trade in services.

The Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement came into force on July 5, 1997. Since then, economic relations between the two countries have flourished. In 2005, bilateral trade amounted to CA$2.074 billion,  more than double the 2002 figure, including over CA$411 million in Canadian exports. Investment has also increased to a total of CA$6.5 billion in 2005, making Canada the third-largest investor in Chile. The Chile-Canada Chamber of Commerce is a vibrant organization, very active in promoting and advancing Canadian business interests in Chile.

Under CCFTA, Canada is given barrier-free access to the Chilean market and provides protection for Canadian investment to most goods. Priority sectors in Chile identified by Canada are mining, energy equipment and services, information technology, telecommunications and software, environmental industries, building products, housing and transportation. Also fulfilling an obligation in CCFTA, Chile signed an agreement with Canada in 1999 where Canada will avoid double taxation. This is a major advantage for Canadian companies operating in Chile . Most other exporters into the Chilean market face a uniform 11% tariff. Read More