Mike Harcourt Speaks Out

Mike Harcourt is a former premier of British Columbia, mayor of Vancouver and city councillor.

He was chair of the Prime Minister’s Advisory Committee for Cities and Communities  which handed in its report  in June 2006.  He co-chaired the National Advisory Committee on the UN-HABITAT World Urban Forum, which was held in Vancouver in June 2006. 

Between 1996 and 2004, Mike was appointed by the Prime Minister to serve as a member of the National Round Table on the Environment and Economy where he served on the Executive Committee and Chaired the Urban Sustainability Program. He is Honorary Chair of the International Centre for Sustainable Cities, and Co-Chair of the International Panel of Advisors. 2007,  he Chaired the Directors  Selection Committee on behalf of Mayors in collaboration with Translink and B.C. Ministry of Transportation.

He is a passionate believer in the power of cities and communities to improve the human condition. A near fatal accident in 2002 only strengthened his resolve to contribute to the transformation of cities and communities around the world through the principles of sustainability, particularly in relation to social inclusion in the broadest sense. 

In 2005, Mike Harcourt was honored to receive the Woodrow Wilson Award for Public Service and in 2006 was awarded the Canadian Urban Institute’s Jane Jacobs Lifetime Achievement Award.  In 2007 he was the Walter Bean Visiting Professor  on the Environment at the University of Waterloo.  

Author of:

Mike Harcourt: A Measure of Defiance

Plan B: One Man’s Journey from Tragedy to Triumph (with John Lekich)

City Making in Paradise (with Ken Cameron and Sean Rossiter)


“As former Mayor of Vancouver and Premier of British Columbia, Mike Harcourt helped Canada’s westernmost province earn its reputation as one of the most livable places in the world.”  His focus on sustainable development and conservation has played a significant role in promoting quality of life.  He speaks internationally on Sustainable Solutions.