Santiago: September 10, 2007  

My name is Jeannette Montero. I am a business woman in Santiago, Chile. I own a taxi cab company. I started my business eight years ago with three taxies. Now, from my astute management I own fifty taxies and my business is growing very successfully. 

One of the keys to my success is to buy good quality automobiles, such as: Toyatas that require little or no maintenance and that stand the test of time. 

I wanted to buy a new house. I viewed the Rockport Home after looking at forty other houses and immediately made my decision to buy. The Rockport house was of much higher quality than the other houses I visited and offered many value added features that strongly influenced my decision to buy. 

The most important features were the superior insulation and the additional space in the attic. The house is totally insulated, including the windows. The cost of heat is very high in Santiago and can cost up to $600 US per month. The Rockport house had a much better finish than the other houses I viewed. The most unique feature that really surprised me was the additional space in the attic. No other house that I viewed had that space and it comes in very handy for extra storage. Also, it was the only house that I viewed that was totally concrete which is ideal in earthquake prone Chile. 

I am very happy with my decision to buy a “Rockport Home”.

Jeannette Montero