Why the World Needs the Tekcrete Home

The Tekcrete™ Home is a home for the world. It is an idea whose time has come. And not a moment too soon. The United Nations, the World Bank, and Habitat for Humanity all agree that the global housing shortage is one of humanity’s most pressing problems. The world-wide demand for housing far outpaces supply. The main roadblock to increased production is that there have been no significant advances in traditional home building technology for decades. Traditional homebuilding requires materials (wood, stone, bricks, etc.) and specialized labour that are in very short supply in much of the world.

Rockport Charitable Foundation

In every country in which our homes are manufactured, Rockport intends to establish a charitable foundation to support local communities in need, with a particular focus on youth.

Individual foundations are intended to be financed by a US $25.00 contribution that Rockport will provide for every concrete module manufactured in a local plant. A typical 48-mould plant should generate revenues of US$1,200 per day—as much as US$360,000 per year.

Rockport intends to use to these funds to build orphanages and establish endowments to fund their activities in perpetuity.

Rockport has already received enthusiastic support and endorsement from national, state and municipal government officials for this initiative. We believe that this initiative will also serve as a powerful investment incentive to the rapidly growing sector of socially responsible investors.