*From Glenn Hughes of Stakeholder Cost Reporting

Congratulations to Canadian Rockport Homes (CRH) for their strategic investment in Stakeholder Cost Reporting (SCR) cost control software. SCR will be implemented by the end of 2008, just in time for CRH to manage anticipated revenue growth while minimizing a corresponding growth in overhead expense.

SCR not only empowers staff with effective cost reporting tools, but also the latest advances in digital document strategies, information process automation and business intelligence solutions.  SCR has empowered organizations to monitor and initiate corrective action for over 400 active projects in Canada while pursuing opportunities in other parts of the world. It is exciting to be so empowered with information and a testament to the extent of change in business practices that are driving us to be more efficient with our time and resources.

Our communication policies map well with CRH; for a demonstration of how we empower organizations, go to http://stakeholdercostreporting.com.  It is exciting to be involved with such a forward-thinking company and gratifying for SCR to participate and enable Rockport’s vision to think globally while acting locally.

We applaud Canadian Rockport Homes humanitarian focus.



Glenn Hughes