Valle Grande Showhomes

Four showhomes in the Valle Grande Development, Chile. All homes were manufactured in Rockport's Chile plant and assembled on site.

Valle Grande Development

Summary of the Valle Grande/Santo Tomás development

Funds raised will be used to launch Rockport’s commercial operations in the Valle Grande/Santo Tomás residential development in Santiago, Chile. Santiago is a major financial capital and home to many leading international corporations.

Rapid population growth, a lack of skilled workers and a severe termite infestation have led to a housing shortage in Chile of at least 750,000 housing units (Habitat for Humanity Chile estimates the deficit at 1.1 million homes). While thousands of Chilean families qualify for mortgages, there are not nearly enough affordable homes to satisfy the demand.

Rockport’s Chilean operating subsidiary, Canadian Rockport Trading Limitada, has a plant in Santiago already in production. Several display homes have already been produced. Rockport has purchased the first of several macro-urbanized land blocks of 3 hectares each, accommodating an average of 120 new homes. Rockport will market its houses directly to individual buyers.

Rockport’s Tekcrete™ Home is ideally suited to local conditions in Chile:

  • The area is Earthquake prone:  The Tekcrete™ Home is made from reinforced concrete - among the strongest building materials. The use of concrete also satisfies the local cultural need for homes that will last for generations.
  • Deforestation is a major problem in Chile: the Tekcrete™ Home uses no wood.
  • There is a lack of specialized labor in Chile: the Tekcrete™ Home is assembled with local labor trained by Rockport.
  • Concrete is impervious to termites and rot and makes homes virtually fireproof.
  • Mass produced homes may be the only way to match the ever growing demand for housing in Chile and elsewhere. More

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