The Industrial Revolution...

Did everybody in the homebuilding industry miss this course
in high school?

Cars, appliances, apparel... virtually every consumer product is mass produced. Thanks to this, they are more affordable and of higher quality than their pre-industrial revolution ancestors. Homes are one of the last consumer products to still be produced one-at-a time, by hand. Because of this, they are expensive, and their quality depends on factors, such as skilled labour and conventional materials that are very undependable in much of the world. The Tekcrete™ Home is a true revolution.

A Revolution in Home Building

The world-wide demand for housing far outpaces supply. The United Nations, the World Bank, and Habitat for Humanity all agree that the global housing shortage is one of the most pressing global problems.

The main roadblock to increased production is that there have been few significant advances in traditional home building technology in decades. Traditional homebuilding requires materials (such as wood, stone, bricks) and skilled labor that are in very short supply in most of the world. A home building solution that solves this problem will enjoy a virtually unlimited market.

Canadian Rockport Homes has the solution: The Tekcrete™  Home, an attractive, durable and affordable concrete home that is built in days (rather than months) using our exclusive Uni-Crete™ Cell Process.